Company Background

The mission statement for the Absolute Poker web site is “To continue to be the best and most trusted”. In order to meet their mission, “Team Absolute” invested a year of time simply developing the site and software that powers it. Their exclusive design provides online poker players with a truly unique set of features, games, promotions and tournaments selected by poker experts for poker enthusiasts.

The site is dedicated to customer satisfaction across the board, and to that end upholds a strict standard of regulatory inspections and quality controls. They also work to prevent collusion events, fraud and pit “live” players only against other “live” players and never a phantom or software generated player.

Software Usability

The Absolute Poker site makes their software available in the “instant play”, or no download version, and they also make an easy to install version available for regular players to download to their home computers.

The software is clearly designed with the constant input of expert players. The features allow a player of any level to track their own progress, and to make notes on the play styles of others. These “player notes” are attached to the player’s identity and pop up to remind the member of a specific point or issue when they enter into a game against a player with “notes” about them.

The software also has an exclusive “chat” option which allows players to chat with the other players at their tables. This is a unique opportunity for the traditionally more isolated environment of the online poker world, and brings a nice method of outfoxing players through direct communication!

There are also all kinds of statistics that a player can access about their past hands, their own behaviors and tactics, and many other useful bits of information intended to help players improve their techniques.

New Player Bonuses

New account holders who make an initial deposit at the time of sign up are given a one hundred percent deposit bonus, up to five hundred dollars. What this means is that the player who signs up for memberships and deposits five hundred dollars into the player account, automatically receives another five hundred dollars as a bonus for enrolling in a membership.

Game Varieties

Absolute Poker provides an excellent assortment of poker games for their players to learn, master and make money playing. Currently they provide tutorials and both real and “play” games of: