Company Background

Bodog is a world renowned provider of online gaming, digital entertainment and sports betting. Since 1994 the company has been a major player in the founding of worldwide, online entertainment.

Their poker site is considered one of the world’s most sophisticated and secure environments, and one where customer satisfaction and a quality experience are always the major focus.

To date, the company continues to win industry awards and recognition for its poker site’s customer service, payouts and ease of use.

Software Usability

The software that Bodog poker players use has an incredible visual appeal and a host of easy to use options and features. The design of the game screen makes it virtually impossible for a player to lose track of the game; with clear and distinct graphics and fully customizable screen size, table view and background color.

The “quick seat” option is a very popular one with frequent online poker players. Basically the software saves a player’s preferences and automatically directs them to the table, or tables, that best suit their gaming style and wishes.

The software also gives players the option of viewing their active games from the “dashboard” view, which provides hot buttons for actions and gives a player complete control of their game play.

The Bodog poker software also presents two unique player tools for their members to use. The first is an open dialogue “chat” box that can take place between all of the players at a table. While this brings a nice element of socialization into an online game, many players like to use it to “psych” out the other players, or to trick them.

The other tool is a “game details” dialogue box that gives all of the information about the current game, and the player’s past hands. The software also provides for tournament play and delivers some handy tournament tools to their members.

New Player Bonuses

All new players at Bodog’s poker site are given a ten percent reward for simply signing up. Basically, they receive ten percent of their initial deposit – so, a player who deposits five hundred dollars into their own account will receive a nice comfortable reward of fifty dollars from Bodog. The site also makes one hundred percent rewards if players reach a set level of play during the first thirty days of their new membership.

Game Varieties

Currently Bodog makes cash games of poker available in the following variations: