Company Background

Though the Cake Poker online poker site is only two years old, the thought, planning and innovation that went into its design and implementation are making it one of the fastest growing poker sites on the internet.

Offering the high tech visual appeal of a video game, with all of the enhanced features and options of the most refined poker sites, the Cake Poker software really shows that it was created by poker experts for poker enthusiasts.

The company places a great deal of emphasis on the security and safety of its players. In order to do insure the best environment possible the Cake Poker site uses every available technique to identify and prevent cheating, including advanced tracking prevention systems and recognition. The site even encourages players to change their “nicknames” every seven days as a further guarantee against player tracking programs.

They rely on random number generator technology in their shuffling system to be able to guarantee every single player the same odds of winning as all others. They also use encryption in all of their data and financial transactions to be sure that every player is secure.

Software Usability

The Cake Poker software is a remarkably easy to use interface, where all controls are easily manipulated, and all options easy to distinguish. Players can instantly access their hand history, statistics, a chat tool or other information from the tools interface box, they can also easily play their current game through the game controls interface, and the screen view is much easier to look at than standard games. Again, the video game-like atmosphere adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment to each hand played.

New Player Bonuses

The Cake Poker site makes a wide range of promotions, rewards and bonuses available to all of its registered players. These include VIP events, special lotteries and new member rewards.

Currently all new members making an initial deposit will receive a one hundred percent bonus on their total deposit amount. This means that by enrolling, downloading the software and making a deposit the player gets their full amount in return. Unlike many other online poker sites however, Cake Poker does not require its players to earn frequent player points to access their rewards, they simply receive them into their accounts!

Game Varieties

The Cake Poker software offers tutorials in all of the following variations of poker, as well as making one on one, tournament, cash, and “play” money games available in the full range of variants: