Carbon Poker

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Company Background

The Carbon Poker online gaming site is one of the Merge Gaming Network sites. The company creates its own software programs that are then audited by third party gaming software experts. This scrutiny and the Carbon Poker site’s emphasis on security and the protection of customers have won the site a great deal of respect, and it is currently one of the fastest growing online poker sites in the industry.

Carbon Poker offers a tremendous number of guarantees of fairness and security, and this includes random number generation technology to insure that every single player receives exactly the same odds as all others, collusion monitoring to combat any fraudulent “team” playing, and intense levels of data security.

Software Usability

Carbon Poker operates on a download only platform. The operation of the game is incredibly well designed with clear cut controls, and an excellent absence of many “drop down” menus and instead a lot of live options to choose directly on the gaming screen.

The most recent version of the software offers the popular “time bank” feature which delivers a player a few extra moments to determine their next move. This is critical in tournament play, and will soon be available for most of the site’s poker games.

The Carbon Poker software also provides a quick start feature which saves the player a lot of time seeking out the best tables to join, and instead allows them to make a few preference selections before directing them to all of those active tables that meet the criteria.

A very unique feature that Carbon Poker makes available in their software is the “smilies” feature which re-introduces the socialization of poker back into the otherwise isolated world of online gaming. Players can chat with their fellow players, and certain terms will trigger a brief animation to come to life.

New Player Bonuses

Like many other online poker sites, Carbon Poker rewards new players who make an initial deposit into their payment account. They provide a one hundred percent bonus on the first deposit amount – this means that a one hundred dollar deposit receives an additional hundred dollars in bonus. The player must earn their bonus through frequent player points, but unlike other sites, there is no expiration date on the Carbon Poker bonuses.

Game Varieties

The site makes all of their games available in a one on one, tournament, cash or “play” money scenario, and they currently offer: