Everest Poker


Company Background

If anyone interested in experiencing online poker is hesitating out of security or fairness concerns they can put their own minds at ease by a visit to the Everest Poker web site.

This is a unique stop in the online poker world, as it places an emphasis on education, fun and international communication. Their easy to use and very simple software is downloadable in over fifteen different languages, and the site places an emphasis on teaching as many players to master Hold’em style poker as possible.

The site also works to educate players about all of the protections available to those who want to enjoy online poker or gaming. This includes all of the measures that can be taken to insure fair play (including the site’s own certification and the methods and software used to guarantee fair odds to all), random number generation technology and a “certified shuffler” program.

Software Usability

Everest Poker is powered by Grand Virtual software and technology. This is the online gaming industry’s leading provider of both the gaming software and eCommerce programs. The company has been working in the online gaming environment for more than a decade and offers the best guarantees in software design and ease of use as well as security.

Because Everest Poker specializes only in the Texas Hold’em variety of poker, the software is quick to download, install and learn. The site also provides a full complement of tutorials and learning materials. The program enables players to jump right into the online poker experience through free, no money games and tournaments.

The software, though very easy to use, is completely customizable and a player can choose their table and environment, select a personal Avatar (character), access their gaming statistics for current rounds and past games, chat with other players at the tables where they are currently playing and even make permanent notes about each of the players encountered which will automatically appear each time the user comes up against that player in the future.

Since the emphasis is learning how to win the game, there are many tools that the player can access that help develop strategy and expertise before risking “real” money against fellow poker enthusiasts.

New Player Bonuses

Newly enrolled players at the Everest Poker site receive a one hundred dollar welcome bonus when they deposit funds into the account. While the bonus must actually be “earned” through regular play, the opportunity to get the money never expires and a player can take as long as they need to acquire the points that will deliver the bonus dollars into their account.

Game Varieties

Everest Poker focuses on the Texas Hold’em variety of poker. They do offer tutorials in the Omaha variation as well, but the focus of the software and all of the online games is the Hold’em style.