ParadisePoker Screen

Company Background

An online poker industry leader since 1999, Paradise Poker is world renown for its intense graphics, excellent customer service and fully integrated gaming options. The web site is also recognized as one of the most secure and financially safe sites in the gaming world.

Additionally, Paradise Poker is one of the only online poker sites relying on “collusion monitoring” to reduce the risk of loss to honest players. They employ a highly sophisticated system of tracking and analysis to determine if two or more players may be working together to maximize a “team’s” profits. Their system has become so accurate that many security experts believe it to be “higher than even those…in real card rooms”.

Software Usability

While the software used by Paradise Poker does not allow for uninstalled play, it is an incredibly easy to use package. The program offers players real time statistics to help a gamer improve their play, player notes which are attached to other users and can be utilized as a way to keep track of other player’s habits, multi-color decks to help distinguish between suits easily, and an “advanced hand history” to help a player to study their play habits and tactics.

New Player Bonuses

While many other online poker sites offer an ever changing range of promotions and bonuses to lure new players to sign on, the Paradise Poker site offers a continuous set of new player bonuses and frequent player rewards. Additionally, they update their ongoing offers on a frequent basis. These include tournament play, new bonuses for “regulars” and other valuable offers.

Their regular and ongoing bonuses for new players include a one hundred dollar deposit in their account simply for signing up. They are also given access to free daily tournaments, and regular leagues that they can join.

Game Varieties

Paradise Poker makes full support available to their members, with comprehensive tutorials and “play” money options intended strictly as a learning experience. This is the recommended way of mastering many of the most popular games. Because Paradise Poker is a sister company to the Sportingbet web site, gamers at both can integrate their accounts and play almost any online game imaginable. Currently Paradise Poker offers: