Company Background

The PKR company was founded on advanced technology applied specifically to the gaming industry. Since its earliest days, company founder Jez San has been improving the technologies around 3D graphics in computer software and games. Today the company is not only a leading online poker destination, but also a well known designer and developer of microprocessor chips under the ARC International label.

Jez San continues to win recognition as well as awards for his technological advances, work and research – all of which he applies to the online poker experience at PKR.

Software Usability

PKR’s online poker software continually receives raves from users and industry professionals. Many acknowledge the excellence of the gaming experience as well as the company’s customer service response times and efficiency.

The poker software is fully customizable and rewards gamers with upgraded character options as they earn points and win rounds. For example, a character’s clothing and accessories can be improved simply by winning a few rounds and the points they bring.

Additionally, the PKR software allows a level of interaction with other players that is unfounded throughout the rest of the online poker community. The software incorporates “Emote Control” which is a “real time” expression of a player’s feelings. It also allows body language control to be used as a way of “telling” or trying to trick other players.

New Player Bonuses

PKR grants players an amazing number of methods at garnering bonuses. There are sign on promotions, a Club PKR with rewards, points and a shop to cash them in.

Players can win additional money through opening a deposit account, by earning points, or by improving their skills. The site makes tournament play available and assigns additional bonuses to those who participate.

Game Varieties

While PKR focuses primarily on poker, they also make a blackjack game available to their players. Both games offered are fully customizable. Poker players choose a character that they actually develop. They select their character’s clothing, earning premiums through the site’s points system – meaning a character can “win” a better outfit or jewelry and improve their appearance through play. Body language is programmed into the software, allowing players to try to trick other players with “tells” or other signs.

The environments in which the poker games are played are customizable as well, with realistic studios, cruise ships, clubs and casinos from around the world.

Players are encouraged to become whatever they want in the PKR environment, and their exclusive and incredibly well designed software makes it an easy and fun experience for everyone.

The versions of poker currently available to players at PKR are: