Company Background

The Poker Heaven online gaming site is all about guarantees. They guarantee the security of player’s information and deposits by working with the online poker industry’s leading software and financial providers. They guarantee access to millions of dollars of tournament prize money, and they guarantee a fun and easy to use gaming experience.

They can do all of this because they look to partners that have been active in online poker for more than a decade. The Boss Media company has been an industry leaders since 1997, and has grown and advanced along with the entire online gaming world. Webdollar, the company which manages all of Poker Heaven’s deposit accounts, is also recognized for its state of the art security and integrity.

Software Usability

Poker Heaven relies on one of the most up to date and easy to use online poker programs currently available. In addition to the traditional features, such as the “lobby” where all current table activity is available, players at Poker Heaven can access some other excellent features. These include the “mini view” which allows a player to sit simultaneously at four active tables, and to assume the bottom center seat (which provides the best view of the action) as soon as a new round begins.

The Poker Heaven software also enable users to access the “timebank” feature which provides them with a few additional moments to consider their next move. While this is currently available only in tournament play, it will be available for standard play in the future.

Finally, the Poker Heaven software provides each player with the opportunity to personalize a list of tournaments they want to play. For example, tournaments will be highlighted in bold when a member has registered for it, is currently participating in it, or has competed in it.

New Player Bonuses

Poker Heaven offers all new members a two hundred percent sign up bonus. This means they will double a player’s initial deposit just for signing up; however the player is obliged to accumulate points in order to access the bonus. This means that in the first sixty days of their new membership they must play enough cash games to earn their total doubled bonus. This is easily done through the frequent player points system and points or dollars are automatically released into the player’s account as they are totaled up.

Game Varieties

Poker Heaven is an incredibly popular site, and as such it offers as many varieties of poker as possible. In addition to tournament and one on one play, the site makes the following variations available to its members: