Purple Lounge

Purple Lounge

Company Background

The Purple Lounge online poker web site is part of a larger online casino gaming site. The emphasis for the entire organization is on security and privacy. The site goes to great lengths to insure fair play and client safety. To that end they record and log every single transaction that occurs on each client account, including all games entered into and all bets made. This helps in the event of dispute, and to distinguish the patterns of “collusive” players, who defraud by playing in cooperative teams.

The site has garnered a great deal of praise and recognition for its high quality customer service and support, and has won industry awards for their ongoing excellence.

Purple Lounge guarantees all of its registered members access to more than four and half million dollars in tournament prize money, and makes a tremendous range of promotional and bonus options available as a way to encourage tournament play.

Software Usability

Purple Lounge’s software is available in both the Flash format that can be played directly through an internet browser, or via a download that allows a player to save many frequently used settings or preferences. This can be helpful to players who wish to make notes and design their own tables, cards and Avatars (characters).

The player enters through the traditional “lobby” screen of the program, and seeks out the games or tables they wish to join. This is easily done through the clear and well designed screens of the program.

The software features many of the newest and most popular options, such as the “quick start” option that is appearing in most poker software programs. This allows a player to make a few simple selections about game variety, cash or “play” money, size of the pot, etc., and the game delivers a list of all the active tables that meet their established criteria.

New Player Bonuses

The Purple Lounge rewards all of its new players each time they play a raked, or cash, game. They reward twenty raked games with a single dollar in bonus cash, and will continue doing so until a player has received one hundred percent of their initial deposit amount in bonus dollars.

The site also provides numerous bonus, promotional and tournament games for their players to earn ample “extra” sums when playing.

Game Varieties

While the site’s tutorials lay a strong emphasis on the classic Hold’em style of poker, they offer training and options (in one on one, tournament, free and “cash”) in the following poker variations: