Company Background

The Ultimate Bet online poker web site has been in operation since 1999. Because of this the company has grown and transitioned along with the online gaming industry, and can today provide some of the most enjoyable and secure online poker experiences available.

The site was developed with the input of several poker champions, who continue to provide suggestions and feedback about any trends or developments in the poker industry. These experts also provided their input into the site’s tutorials, which provides the site’s users with an exclusive educational and training opportunity in all facets of online and live poker play.

Ultimate Bet is also working to become a world leader in tournament offerings and continues to provide all of its members with access to some of the world’s most exciting, rewarding and challenging online poker tournaments.

Software Usability

Ultimate Bet operates on a download only platform, available for PC, Mac and mobile systems. It opens in a traditional “lobby” style screen where the player can choose to play from three different styles of game – “real” money, UltimatePoints or “free” games. From there they simply choose the variety and the preferences for that game – including the stakes, number of players, the pot, etc.

An excellent and time saving, feature of the Ultimate Bet’s software is the “quick start” option which will deliver a player a list of all the games that are currently playing and which meet their pre-set preferences.

The Ultimate Bet software also makes their exclusive “UltimateBuddy” feature available to their registered players. This allows a player to tag their favorite friends and fellow players, and to locate them whenever they are in active play. With a single click the player can then join their friends at their current table or game. The feature also allows notes to be recorded about the UltimateBuddy in order to help a user develop a better or stronger strategy against the players they frequently encounter.

New Player Bonuses

New players and depositors at the Ultimate Bet site receive a whopping two hundred percent bonus reward on their first deposit. This means the site doubles their new member’s deposits, up to one thousand one hundred dollars. A player must play regularly and earn “Ultimatepoints” to access their bonus dollars. As the player earns their points the bonus cash is released into their account. The site adds an extra measure of challenge to the bonus dollar reward by increasing the number of points required to get one bonus dollar as the player’s skills develop. For example, a player at the “member” level needs twenty points to get a bonus dollar, but if they are advanced to the “player” level they will then need forty points to access the same single bonus dollar.

Game Varieties

Currently the Ultimate Bet poker site offers the following comprehensive selection of poker variations: