Company Background

Very few modern gaming companies can boast of the history in the gaming industry the way the Victor Chandler bookmaking and gaming company can. For more than fifty years the organization has focused on quality products and experiences for millions of satisfied customers.

Such a long-term involvement in the industry has allowed the company to have a unique perspective on customer needs and satisfaction, and to expand the company according to market and consumer trends. Today, they offer a full range of gaming options, including their tremendously popular VC Poker site.

The VC Poker online poker room is one of the largest and most popular in Europe and the United Kingdom, with a mission focused on safety and security for all of their customers, and a world-class experience with poker and customer service.

Software Usability

The VC Poker web site is operated by proprietary gaming software exclusive to VC Poker itself. The software, however, is not going to appear unfamiliar or foreign to anyone familiar with online poker rooms. Each player enters into their gaming experience through a “lobby” where they can search for tables they would like to join. Tables can be for cash or “play” money, one on one or groups, tournaments; and a player simply indicates what sort of game they want. If a table is full, players at VC Poker can put themselves on a waiting list, and will be notified when a space opens up. Players can open a remarkable sixteen games at any one time!

The software is easy on the eyes, with fully animated avatars and clear graphics and operations, making it a fun and simple experience for a seasoned or amateur player.

New Player Bonuses

Like many online poker sites, VC Poker rewards all new cash players with a bonus against their initial deposit into their player account. Currently, the company delivers a hefty six hundred dollars in bonus money, a free seat in the new player freeroll game, and a free entry into their current guaranteed large cash jackpot.

The VC Poker site boasts some of the fastest bonus payouts around, delivering five dollars of the bonus for every three hundred frequent player points earned, which is much faster than the standard exchange on other site’s bonus payouts. Game Varieties

VC Poker makes the most popular varieties of poker available to their customers. Each variety has a comprehensive tutorial and training opportunity that comes with tips and hints for winning against even the most skilled of players. Currently the software includes the following poker games: